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Hello and Welcome at My name is Heiko Wagner and this Website is about stuff which is somewhat related to my research. However, this website has a different focus. While my research is mostly about theoretical properties of various estimators, this website is focussed on implementation details, in particular if we are facing a large amount of data. Beside I also want to present different projects I carried out in my spare time to a larger audience.


Coding Skills:

Conference Participations:

  • CMStatistics 2016, Sevilla Spain, Dec 2016
  • Annual Meeting of the SSC 13, Edmonton Canada, May 2013
  • CTW: Statistics of Time Warpings and Phase Variations, Columbus USA, Nov 2012
  • Workshop on Neuroeconomics at CENs, Bonn Germany, 2010

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Notable non scientific projects:

  • Engineering, Programming: Tunisian “Wahl-O-Mat” (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax)
  • Idea, Engineering, Programming: (PHP,MySQL)
  • Engineering, Programming: Exams database for statistic department Bonn (Oracle, Apex, PL/SQL)
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